Childhood Obesity

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Introduction Childhood obesity has become a great problem in the United States, and many children suffer from this problem. There are so many risks of being obese and children don’t know that they are hurting themselves by not eating correctly. It is getting to a point that the schools are getting involved and are trying to do something about this problem. Some people have started weight loss camps for obese children. Thanks to these people that are trying to make a difference, there is less obese kids every year. Physical activity and childhood obesity Childhood obesity is something to take very serious. More and more teens are overweight/or obese in the United Sates. Kids that are overweight are most likely to develop a disease when they are older. Some organizations are working together to reduce the number of obese kids and are trying to get them into a more reasonable weight. Obese kids are often suffering from bullying and name calling because of their weight. Too Many Food Choices Some of the reasons people and children are getting fatter is because industries are super siz...

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