Childhood Obesity

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Victims of obesity are younger and younger each year. Society needs to be involved and contribute to find a way to encourage children to be more active. Schools, Pro athletes, and emotional support need to promote children’s well-being; however, non parent involvement, unwise food choices, and too much government intervene are affecting little ones. To achieve this goal, schools can help the children by avoiding the type of place where “many children just stand around at recess and talk to friends” (Childhood Obesity,69). Requiring children to be physically active during recess can help make a difference in the fundamental growth of a child. Having a program ready and set for the children to follow will help change the way of looking at exercise and being healthy. Changing the time period of the day as to when children have their physical education time can be a strategy used to make sure that children are having the time for exercise during the school day. According to seven- year old Jessica Marmaroff, “I like having it first thing in the morning. Then you don’t have to do a lot of work” (70). Setting up play stations where the kids could play basketball, soccer, jump rope, or anything that may be in their interests for the time in physical education class can encourage them to look at physical fitness as something they are capable of doing with something the most enjoy. Some students are not put in P.E. classes due to the fact that they are given other electives that follow their career pathway. There are coaches who do not stimulate or encourage children to see the importance of staying active. If there is a change in this, eventually, influenced by the coaches and some teachers, children will get accustomed to exercising b... ... middle of paper ... ... deal with it because they feel comfortable just how they may be. Influencing children to be active through school and television programs is not always supported, it is criticized, yet, with their actions towards staying active, the government is simply showing true worry and care for the future of these children who will later on in life grow and have to make wise choices as well. Research clearly shows that the benefits will greatly outweigh the drawbacks, therefore, society needs to step up as one and society needs to step up as one with the help of schools, Pro athletes, and emotional support. Works Cited Tarasov, Anne. Children follow in the footsteps of parents on the run. 20 Oct. 2013. Web. 18 Jan. 2014. Anonymous. Are professional athletes positive role models. Web. 14 Jan. 2014. Juettner, Bonnie. Childhood Obesity. California: San Diego, 2010. Print.

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