Childhood Obesity

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Child obesity has turned into a huge problem that continues to increase every year and parents seem to be either helping the situation or hurting the situation by specific actions they take. Each year the increase of numbers in childhood obesity keeps growing. Back then, it was rare to hear from a parent that their child was obese because back then all kids did and liked to do was go outside to parks, play sports, take walks anything that dealt with the outdoors made any kid a happy kid. In today’s world, that theory of play time does not exist nearly as much as it used to because of what society has introduced to the world. Society has introduced us to all these new and fun types of technology that keeps us from doing what we should be doing to stay active. Instead it teaches kids how to become more lazy and inactive and parents make it worse by realizing the affects they just do not care to do anything about. Therefore, the real question becomes are parents to blame for childhood obesity?
This question can be answered in many different ways. Immediately, when people look at this question people would say yes because look at society right now, it has turned into an epidemic. Others would say no it is not the parents fault its all society’s fault and the way they turned this world into with bad influences. The majority of parents would deny their lack of responsibility when it comes to raising their children right and would most likely besides blaming this epidemic on society but also on the genetics of the family as well. However do they know that only 5 to 25% of genetics have the risk of obesity. (La Roca, The Internet Journal of Allied Health Services and Practice). That little percentage could have the possibility to be from...

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...f they try their best to be a role model for their children then they should be proud, if they do not comply by these rules then they are the reason for childhood obesity.

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