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757 words

The Influence on the From Childhood Experiences Experiences define who we are, they position our perception of the world and what we can be for good or bad. The experiences from childhood have a significant and life altering affect which can permeate a person’s emotions and how they interact with others in the future. This is self-evident and vividly clear in the book The Red Pony by John Steinbeck. Which depicts a boy as he matures while grappled by a traumatic experience of his pony dying. The point that childhood experiences can affect someone is shown very adamantly in the book. Since, he became more antagonistic and hostile to the animals he saw after his pony’s death and becomes obsessed by their suffering. His vicious attitude didn’t stop there as he becomes amused by the sensation of killing animals. For instance, he abuses his dog doubletree and stones birds. Furthermore, he shows great strides to get the job to massacre the mice in the hay brutally and cruelly. The idea that childhood experiences influence people is …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how experiences define who we are, position our perception of the world and what we can be for good or bad. the red pony by john steinbeck depicts a boy as he matures while grappling with the traumatic experience of his pony dying.
  • Analyzes how jody's brutality to animals is absurd and defies comprehension with cruel attitude to them sickening.
  • Analyzes how jody's insatiable appetite is unexplained and he only cares about the thrill of killing. he disregards his parents' authority to endeavor in the act of animal abuse.
  • Analyzes how jody's fascination with brutality is shown clearly. he shows great strides of killing the mice in the hay with the text saying "well, i hope it don't rain until after i kill those damn mice."
  • Concludes that children show behavioral traits based and molded by childhood experiences. jody becomes violent and shows grave aggression to animals after the loss of his beloved pony.

For instance, he shows a compelling mood by the text saying, “Then at the ranch house he baited a rat trap with stale cheese where Doubletree mutt, that good dog, would get his nose snapped” in page 39 after the death of his pony. To add, his sickening nastiness didn’t stop there as he then throws a stone at the dog by the text saying, “He felt mean then, so he threw a stone at him” in page 39. Finally, to cap it off he threw stones at a couple of bird with the text saying, “The stone whizzed; the thrush started up and flew right into it” in page 39. This wasn’t the case before the incident of his pony dying with him hating death and him feeling disgust when he saw a buzzard eat a carcass with the text saying, “Jody hated them as all decent things hate them…” in page 5. This shows the insane brutality of Jody which is

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