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Childhood friendships usually end up following one of two paths. Either the friendship is an enduring one that stands the test of time or the two playmates simply grow apart over the course of adolescence. For me, two of my closest childhood friendships followed a different path. The days of cutting through my neighbor’s yard and rushing to either Lizzy or Serina’s house so we could talk about the new Justin Bieber single ended so abruptly, it took me months to realize what had actually happened. At the tender age of fourteen, I was unceremoniously ejected from my only friend group. One rainy September day, I remember sitting in my best friend Lizzy’s attic. It wasn’t a finished attic or an attic a full-grown person could completely stand up in for that matter, but we had spent the past few days covering up…show more content…
Lizzy, Serina, and I spent the entire summer together sewing random clothes in Serina’s basement, watching Netflix at Lizzy’s, occasionally going to the movies or the mall together, and quietly anticipating and dreading the end of our middle school years. Even though Lizzy and I had been going to the same schools since kindergarten, we never had a class together, so throughout middle school, I found myself a group of “school” friends, who had started to bleed into my life outside of school more and more as middle school went on. Lizzy and Serina were no longer the only people I hung out with, but I still tried to balance the old with the new. Lizzy became friends with Jane, a girl who was notorious for dropping her friends very quickly. I was hesitant about Jane, but everything seemed fine, as our time with Lizzy never seemed to overlap. Serina was scared of Jane, in the beginning, so some days, Serina, Ginny, and I would hang out together while Lizzy and Jane were together. At first, everything seemed the same, but I had no idea that things were changing right before my very own

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