Childhood Fitness

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Childhood Fitness
Physical activity and fitness is a very important aspect of life. In most cases, people are happier, have better self – esteems, and are more successful when they are healthy. By virtue of that scenario, there is no better time to develop a healthy life style than childhood. It is easy for parents to get their children on the right track by introducing them to sports at a young age.
In today’s society, too many children spend excessive time indoors watching television and playing video games. Children are becoming couch potatoes more and more each day. Childhood is the worst time to develop unhealthy habits. This type of behavior is the basis for an unhealthy, inactive lifestyle. Young kids need to get outside in the fresh air and stay active. In this day and age, there is no excuse for obesity in children. Although certain medical disorders can cause obesity, less than 1 percent of all obesity is caused by physical problems (obesity 1). Obesity in childhood and adolescence can be related primarily to lack of exercise and laziness. The parents of these young ones should be intelligent and responsible enough to see the positive effects of physical activity and sports. Athletics often gets children active and physically fit without them even knowing it. They are too busy having fun and competing to realize they are exercising.
Individuals opposing the idea of early involvement in sports might argue that the added pressure or stress from competition will have a negative impact on children. However, if one were to pick up a health book, he/she would find that there are two types of stress. There is distress and u stress. When asked, many people may not be aware of the meaning of either word. Distress is bad stress, causing pain or suffering of the body and mind. U stress is good stress, which motivates individuals to work and try harder. It can also be a nervousness caused from positive events, such as child birth. In the heat of competition stress is certainly prevalent. However, it is a positive stress that motivates and pushes athletes to strive for excellence and victory. This same stress encourages athletes to exercise and train in hopes of improving competition performance. Life is a stressful period; however that’s no excuse to be inactive.

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... is not in the best interest of either party. This type of approach to sports only causes children to shy away from them, and the parents will find themselves constantly fighting with the children. The best thing a parent can do is lead their children in the right direction. If a child doesn’t take to sports or doesn’t seem interested, then perhaps the parent might want to try a different approach. Look for alternate forms of physical activity. One idea is for parents to try and spend more time with their children while promoting fitness and health. Parents are looking for ways to communicate with their youngsters. This is the way to do it: a walk after dinner, a half hour of playing catch, a bike ride together, kicking the soccer ball around; there are a hundred different ways. The bottom line is that if young people don't make the time to get fit today, they are going to have to spend the time at the doctor's office tomorrow.
Overall it’s best if the parents are patient and aware of what their child is feeling. One of the most important things to remember is your children are only kids, not world class athletes. Take it slow, encourage physical activity, and hope for the best.
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