Childhood Adulthood Vs Childhood

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Everyone has said “I wish I was older,” or “I wish I was a kid again,” at least once in their life. Or there has been arguments between whether being an adult is better than being a child or vice versa. Teens seem to be the ones impacted by this question the most. Confusion between which is superior is not confusing once an individual figures out how superior one is over the other. When adulthood and childhood are contrasted, it is clear that adulthood dominates childhood. To start off, there’s the activities that adults can do that children cannot do. Adults are able to do multiple different activities such as going to the movies alone, attending parties without supervision, going to concerts without supervision, and the ability to drive. Another point is one made by Nandango saying “Sure I may have to pay bills but I can also buy whatever I want when I want it.” (Nandango, 2009). Contrary to that, children are forced to stay at home by their parent/guardian and most things they go out and do require an adult to watch over them. It is not enjoyable having to take an adult with you wherever you go. Most would despise taking a trusted adult with them any location or event they plan to go to. With this, adults have an advantage when it comes to activities. Second to this, there is the independence each have. Adults also rule in this category because of their ability to have self-control and be mature about everything thus resulting in them being more independent for themselves and do most things alone. For example, in an article by Important India, they state adults have more freedom than children with situations such as traveling (“Compare and Contrast Adulthood and Childhood,” 2016). However, children have little to no independ... ... middle of paper ... ...ously mentioned, the activities adults can do are worthwhile compared to the activities children are allowed. Unlike adults, kids have more free time than what they know what to do with. Besides school, children stay home and have to find something to do at home, and if there is not anything to do, oh well. The balance of free time to options available is important to a number of individuals. With that, adults once again have the superiority. Overall, if the thought of whether being an adult or being a kid is better, it is obvious that being an adult reins superior. There are numerous occasions in which adulthood is greater than being in the stage of childhood. Growing up isn’t all that bad once one receives the proper comparison between the two. With these many advantages it would be considered outrageous if a person were to still choose to be in their childhood.
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