Childbearing And Family Planning

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One of the most important aspect of our world today is how people continue to build and grow families. It’s become more and more acceptable today to be single and independent for the rest of their lives, but most people will meet their spouse and have children in the future. According to David, Chung, and Berhane (2008, 2009, 2011) however, decisions regarding childbearing and family planning are influenced extremely by “social and cultural norms, gender patterns of the society, marital quality and the social networks among couples” (as cited by Lee, Lee, Ahn, Jang, Shin & Kim, 2014, p. 1087). Another deciding factor for childbearing is figuring out the roles that parents will provide in the household for their future children. This paper will…show more content…
When a couple decides to have children, that is the moment they decide that they can be care takers. Parents are a child’s caregiver from the time they are born until they become adults. The parents provide nourishment, cleanliness, and temperature control from the time right after childbirth (Knox & Schacht, 2013, p. 310). A better explanation of the role of the caretaker would be providing for the child in every way until they are able to function as their own caretaker once the child is an a adult. Some parents make the choice to be their child’s caretaker, but some couples have children by not having safe sex and are not able to be their caretaker’s. Even though this is a possible outcome for children, there are many other roles parents can apply when they choose to children. The second role a parent can take on is being an emotional resource for children. Children go through all sorts of changes as they grow up and they rely on their parents for emotional support. For example, when a child gets hurt physically or emotionally, they turn to their parents for comfort. The parents then will coddle their child and kiss them telling them it’s going to be okay. According to Willer and Soliz (2012) the need for positive feedback/approval for one self esteem even continues into adulthood (as cited by Knox & Schacht, 2013, p.…show more content…
Most parents have specific ways of how to raise their children. Parents apply principles and a certain philosophy in their child’s life, even if they rebel against them as teenagers (Knox & Schacht, 2013, p. 310). Some examples of this could be, making sure the child cleans their room and makes their bed every day or applying religious beliefs into the household (like praying or reading the Bible). When parents provide a good environment as the role of a teacher, this affects the child’s academic success. The warm and loving environment a parent provides can help “the development of crucial cognitive and self-regulation skills that enable young children to make a smooth transition” into school from home (as cited by Herbers, Cutuli, Lafavor, Vrieze, & Leibel, 2011, p.
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