Child Support and Three Income Models

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Is child support benefiting the children as well as the parents to keep a stable environment? There has been an increase in children that go through a process called child support, which is the cause of their parents’ divorce or their split up before the child was even born. This process helps the custodial parent receive a certain amount of income from the noncustodial parent to help provide for the minor child(rens) necessities. Every single case is different, depending on what state you reside in or the income that each parent earns are two major factors. Over the years many people thought that only men were the ones that played for child support and where the noncustodial parent, but now the roles have changed and women are becoming more empowered to becoming successful.
The income that people pay for child support has many factors. Depending on what state you may reside in plays a major role in how much the parent may end up paying. Looking at things on a broad spectrum anything is valid when it comes down to determining the amount that a child will receive from the noncustodial parent. According to LawInfo there are three models that states choose to follow in order to calculate the income of each person's child support case; Flat Percentage, Income Shares, and Melson Formula. The similarity between these three models is how much the parents receive economically and the child’s necessities. With these three models plugged into the child support system we will get a better understanding of how the parents and children benefit from each model. Once the economic issues are settled among the parents there may not be a stable environment just yet until custody rights are given and agreed on. The following models will give a brie...

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...eglect the children’s needs, but it does look out for the parents needs as well. Before a parent can even think of providing they must be at least stable and that is what the Melson Formula is about.
More women now in the 21st century are being obligated to pay child support to their divorced husbands. According to Ken Altshuler, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, "As more women achieve success on their career paths, they are also finding themselves increasingly responsible for financial obligations during and after the divorce process." ( Woman were suppose to be created equally to men and even if it may include paying to support their children and losing custody of them in a civil divorce case. It may seem shocking to know that women as well as men pay child support but in some cases it is best for all parties to have it that way.

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