Child Protective Services Case Study

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Child protective services (CPS) of Baltimore, MD, is housed under the Department of
Social Services (DSS), which is one of the four administrations of the Department of Human
Resources. The workforces’ recruitment is completed through the Department of Social Services, which is seeking under the principle of merit, well qualified candidates from diverse walks of life to serve its clients. Riccucci wrote that “Organizations that accommodate the needs and interests of all workers, male and female of all races and ethnicities, and celebrating differences, rather than eschew them are more likely to value the contributions diverse groups can make at the upper levels of organization” (Riccucci, 2012). In this paper, will be discussed the Child
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It shapes a work place where people can work effectively. The Child Protective Services’ human resource management, which is administered by the director of Human Resource Development and training, is composed of a chief human resources officer, an executive administrative assistant, an executive director of human resources operations, assistant superintendent, human resources, manager, staff relations. They are “responsible of employment services; employee relations; health benefits; classification; training and staff development; and transactions processing”
(“DHR’s Operations Staff,” 2015). The CPS’s human resource management has a great influence within the agency as it sets the tone for a positive and supportive work environment, positive relationships among staff, paid-time off. Managers and administrative staff are diligent in assisting case workers staff when crises occur and when workers feel overwhelmed. They also mentor new workers. However, some of its weaknesses are the workloads, work hours, burnout, and the many state forms that workers have to use which are not user friendly. In addition, the increase of diversity in the work environment can
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Child Protection Services under the
Department of Social Service is committed to the principle of equal employment and opportunity, and this can be viewed through its diversify workforce. The agency, not only serves people from different walk of life, but also works with employees of diverse background, ethnic and nationalities just to cite some. However, even though the need of embracing diversity is important for organization, it can also have a great impact on government regulation and cultural context in relation to performance management and employee relations. For instance, According to Palk, the impact of cultural diversity in performance management can create a “setting of challenging goals that involve high risk taking and the need of arbitration for grievance resolution based on recognized union contract” (Yongsun, 2011).
Personnel Recruitment and Hiring Practices
The Child Protective Services (CPS), which purpose is to prevent and stop child abuse is always looking for social workers based on the principles of merit to assess the risk and
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