Child Labour Case Study

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My Moral assessment for child labour-working conditions According to U.S.-based Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) (2000), child labour “. . . generally refers to work performed by children (often defined as those under the age of 14) that prevents legally-required school attendance and/ or that is performed under conditions hazardous to the physical and mental health of the child” (Business for Social Responsibility [BSR], 2000, p. 1). However Extensive poverty makes the instant eradication of child labour unrealistic (Basu & Hoang Van, 1998).. According to utilitarian theory child labour is morally wrong. There is a need to educate and train the children in order to prepare them for the job market. The workers themselves must endure a lot of suffering. They earn little pay for long hours in poor working conditions. The pay they earn is not sufficient enough to support their families on a wage that still keeps their human dignities intact. Since the immense suffering of the workers is greater than the little bit of profit businessmen gain from using them, child labour does no...
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