Child Labor: Still An Issue

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Everyone who has ever slightly paid attention in history class knows that child labor was a significant problem back during the Industrial Revolution. Families were poor and the parents usually had unstable jobs which led to their children going out and finding dangerous, low-paying factory jobs. But laws were made in many countries and child labor slowly became a thing of the past. Or did it? Believe it or not, child labor is still a problem today. Today, the people in charge have just gotten slyer with their unmoral decisions to have children to do their work and help them get the profits they want. The twenty-first century is supposed to be a great time of progress and more freedom! Not a time of sticking to the horrible business techniques of the past. A child’s life should not be filled of fear and a long for home. It should be full with friendship, love, family, education and the knowledge that the future will be better. Child labor strips children of the life they should have and instills it with fear and no hope for the future. Child labor is neither natural nor moral and it needs to be stopped. Many people today live in the delusion that they live in a world where the number of child laborers is only 1 million at most. In reality, there is an astonishing 128 million child laborers in the world. That’s 128 million children being deprived of the possibility of a brighter future. The first step to getting rid of the use of child laborers is educating others of what is going on and hopefully that will lead to stricter labor laws worldwide.

Though the number of child laborers had gone down throughout the years, the number of people still oblivious to the vast number of working children is quite disappointing. “A recent poll...

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...ation must be increased and valued to benefit children in a long-term standpoint. These three steps are vital towards reaching the goal of abolishing child labor worldwide, but it can’t be done without the support of many.

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