Child Labor In Somalia Essay

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Alana Moreen
Child Labor
Jodi Best

Introduction: No one ever thought that the issue of child labor would ever get this out of control. In Somalia, in 2011, the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia made small advancement in their effort to eliminate the worst forms of child labor. The Chief Defense Forces made an order in 2011 that prohibits the recruitment and use of child soldiers, and this was distributed to the armed forces. In addition, the TFG came together with the UN and the African Union Mission in Somalia to produce procedures to screen recruits of the Somali Security Forces’ for underage applicants. In addition, Somalia lacks a coherent, functioning government and the legal framework, law enforcement, policies and programs necessary to address the worst forms of child labor. Children in Somalia still continue to work in the worst forms of child labor today. The Somali people are worried about their children's health because some children can be involved in many dangerous situations such as planting roadside bombs or serve as human shields or suicide bombers. Many of these children are from very poor families and work to pay for their family and their own educations. Taking their income away from them has led to some children to seek different, lower paid work, and even prostitution in some cases. Continuous conflict has led to hunger, slaughter, and displacement of thousands of Somalis. Child labor in Somalia is 2nd worst on the worldwide list of child labor countries and rightfully so. Due to their fall of government after their Civil War in 1988, Somalia has fallen to a harsh work community and lack of an enforcement of certain rules and laws; most specifically, for children and their lack of educa...

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...tle and figure out how to run their own community, I believe that will help them greatly. All the Somali people need is time to understand what they are doing to the future of their community by making their children work under such harsh conditions. We can contribute by volunteering to find jobs for adults to replace the child workers and help them stabilize a strong government. I believe that if the Somali government abolishes child trafficking and enforce laws of education on the youth, they will become a much happier community. Somalia is the 2nd worlds worst country that is suffering from child labor and now they have the chance to not be. With my solution, they will find happiness and a better future for their own community and their children. Somalia has the chance to change their ways and make their future brighter, which will work in their favor.

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