Child Labor Essay

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Child labor refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives them from enjoying and living their childhood properly, it also intervenes in the process of attending school regularly. It creates a mental, physical, social and moral impact on the child. This definition differs according to the different forms of child labor. These forms can involve different images like being enslaved, separated from their families, being exposed to illnesses and harmful conditions. Some children might be left on the streets even at early age. As child labor can take different forms, it is seen from different angles, such as type of work, number of work hours, work conditions and also age of the child laborer. Of course, all these points are relative; they vary from a country to another. The child laborer can work in different fields. Some are engaged in agricultural labor, manufacturing, mining, domestic service, types of construction and also begging on the streets. Some are engaged in more dangerous conditions such as armed conflicts, commercial sexual exploitation, drug trafficking and also organized begging. These forms deprive children from freedom and human rights. Moreover, they certainly engender harmful effects. Children may receive no payment; they just take advantage of being fed and having a place where to sleep. They don’t have any protection in case they get sick or injured. III. Causes of child labor Child labor stems from different aspects that form real causes. They may differ from a place to another according to social conditions as well as law protection. Here are some of the dominant causes behind child labor: • Poverty It is considered as the most compelling ... ... middle of paper ... ...with school supplies and even financial support to motivate them letting their children reach schools. On the other hand, these associations provide a psychological care that people in rural areas lack. Unfortunately, this action does not last long for different reasons. The financial support demands funds to carry on helping those people for a long term. Besides, the government does not facilitate the task for these associations by working side by side. Apparently, both government and NGO try their best to solve the problem through their stimulating actions. It is true that a progress has been made as the statistics show. However, extra efforts should be done to improve the situation of child labourers and save them from their critical life conditions to make them live a decent life. Once efforts are reunified, we can talk then about eradicating child labor.

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