Child Labor Essay

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The child labor was create back in eighteen century. It was a situation where young Children at age fourteen to sixteen was able to work in the United States and United Kingdom. During this period of time children were forced to work in factories. Some children as young as five were force to work to help their family, but at same time it was limited in some states where they considered to be illegal and people think it was violation of human right.
While children had been servants, child labor extended while children had been servants, children labor reached the new limits during the industrial revolution. Children was not able to go schools; because they were to busy working for long hours, and they were working for a low amount of money that really can’t help their family; while they were working in factories with dangerous condition. This transition included going from hand production methods to machines; furthermore they do not catch their appropriate parental care and institution. Children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood and I don’t they should allowed to work like adults. They was not able to follow their dream, according to my opinion a child not be denied to go to school education just because of proverty.

For instance a ten or twelve years old boys/girls woken up every day at five/six o’clock in the morning by their parent. They does not need to worry about schools, but goes to work in a field or factories to collect stuff. Sometime the rush to get to work, they don’t even take time to eat breakfast. It is more important to make sure that go to work on time and they do more work through a workday then an adult at that time.

The classification of child labor; children involved in a number of economic a...

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...for to work for little amount of money, and they used them in industries and big factories cause for children to start working in early ages as ten years old. Keep them from attending school. Threatens children’s physical, mental, or emotional well-being, and violate the nation age worker law.

They convince the kids and their parents because they were unfortunate, take them and keep them away from their parent for an amount of time. My point of view they should have sent the kids to school back then; because when you working at a place don’t even know how to spell your name this was not a good experience for a child to grow up in a condition like that. Works with them safer and keep their mind fresh develop new program they like. It was also has a negative effect on the safety of a nation. Because these children do not receive any education for a better tomorrow.
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