Child Labor Essay

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In this world, there are more than 218 million children working in dangerous conditions, about 23,085 million of them are in South Asia. According to the International Labor Organization child labor is “work that children should not do because they are too young to work”(2009).Child employment is a risky phenomenon in the world. Moreover, this phenomenon has a physical, mental, social effectsonchildren. As fact, children are the future generations and we must protect them and givesthem safety and happiness. Furthermore, about 60% of world’s children are in Asia, 19% of them are workers (Herth&Sharma,2007). On the other hand, International organizations working hard to end this phenomenon, but facts says that is not enough being done to prevent child labor in South Asia.South Asian countries did not do enough to prevent child labor for social, traditional beliefs and economic reasons.This research paper will include some facts and studies that showing the dangers of this problem. Also, this research paper discuss the phenomenon of child labor between 5-17 years old in south Asia.

Poverty are one from the social issues that increase the number of children who work in south Asia. In addition, this issuehas strong affects on their health, behaviors and their personalities in the future. Firstly, poverty is the main reason of child labor in South Asia. According to research presented by the World Bank based in the purchasing power of the members,66.7% of people in South Asia get about $2 per day(n.d). On the other hand, some people believe that the governments and international organizations are working to solve this problem and help these people to remove poverty. In contrast, it seems that South Asia governments can not contro...

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...and cheap labor with low-cost. Further areas of research should be conducted on how poverty can affect children life and why girls should be educated in south Asia. Furthermore, research should also focus on Arab countries which have child labor and compering them with other countries in South America or Europe. In addition, a number of recommendations to control this issue can be made. Firstly, the governments of south Asia country should work hard to increase the income of poor people. Also, they should be united and work hard to put a laws which protect children’s lives. Finally, the community world should help those countries and support them to band this phenomena.If these phenomena is not banned and stopped now, more children will be exploitedand make them growing with aggression feelings totheir communities, which may lead them to be extremists or criminals.
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