Child Labor

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Child labor a problem affecting millions of children all over the globe. Depriving child from education and brighter future. Taking their innocence forcing them to grow up way too fast. Why is it happening today? When did it start? How can I help? These are all frequently asked question about the topic.
According to English Online Child labor was first practiced in England during the industrial revolution in the 18th century when adults could no longer fit into the small tunnels of mines so the employment of children became popular. And like wildfire it spread all over the globe by 1860 50 percent of all children in England were working instead of studying. The problem was not truly noticed until 1919 but actions were not taken until the early 20th century. International conventions were held and lows were enforced but child labor continued. In 1949 the universal declaration of human rights was passed allowing all humans the right to education and the right to be free from slavery and exploitation but the problem still continued. Poverty, illiteracy, bonded labor and lack of schools...

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