Child Immunization

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The pros and cons of children immunization is my topic because being in the medical field it is my duty and responsibility to educate parents about the vaccinations which child is receiving and be able to explain to the parents what the vaccination is for and how to protect their child from illness or deadly diseases. According to MedlinePlus website the meaning of immunization (vaccination) is a way to trigger your immune system and prevent serious, life threatening diseases.17

Vaccination is another form of keeping our children healthy, especially when they are in school or daycare center. They are exposed to all kinds of illnesses and diseases, by getting them vaccinated their immune system will eventually starts recognizing the infection and it will attack the infection or disease later in life. According to my research there was history that tens of thousands of infants in the US killed due to some diseases like rubella (German measles), diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) however now that the vaccinations for these disease is now available there are fewer deaths. The risk of not vaccinating children far outweighs the small risks associated with vaccination. Some diseases are preventable like measles and mumps if the child was vaccinated. These diseases could cause permanent damage like disability and death. For the most part vaccines are safe and very effective. Vaccines have kept our children healthy and saved millions of lives for many years. Some diseases cannot be treated with just medical therapy therefore vaccination will be a better solution.

Some people travel abroad and they may have traveled in an area where there was a disease outbreaks therefore it is important that our children are vaccinate...

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