Child Development Case Study

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The following case study is considering the influence of developmental factors on our teaching practice, by providing further ways to apply knowledge of childhood development in a realistic classroom situation. This case study response, will demonstrate an understanding of intellectual, physical language, emotional, moral, social and psychological development of children. As well as the ability to identify learning and teaching approaches that cater to the developmental needs of students within the classroom. Cognitive development refers to a childs growth in how they think,and learn. Cognitive development focusses on a child’s growth in regards to thinking, and learning skills, this includes language, attention, planning, problem, solving,…show more content…
An important aspect of this development is the way in which a child interacts in a social and school situation .It focusses on the emergence, and change, of a child’s morals. And if the child has an understanding of morality from childhood through to becoming an adult. (Trawick-Smith, 2014). The two theorists that play a part here include Piaget as well as Kohlberg’s. Social development refers to learning values. This can be shown by a childs knowledge as well as how they relate to others and their family (Trawick-Smith, 2014). Through these relationships a child is able to cultivate an awareness of social values, as well as what is expected of them socially. (Cassidy, Parke, Butkovsky, & Braungart, 1992).Psychological development or developmental psychology is the development of a child, cognitively, emotionally, intellectually and socially from childhood to old age. (Cassidy, Parke, Butkovsky, & Braungart, 1992). Therefore it examines change over a broad range of topics such as motor skills, cognitive development, moral understanding, social change, personality, emotional development, self-concept and identity. (Trawick-Smith, 2014). It is vital to understand the concrete operational stage of cognitive development, to fully comprehend the implications for Robert (Trawick-Smith, 2014) states that this stage is critical in when a child begins to understand the relationship between things in the world. (Trawick-Smith, 2014)It is vital to understand two main factors in cognitive development to fully comprehend Robert’s learning difficulties. These being accommodation, as well as
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