Child Custody

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Child custody and guardianship is the terminology used to describe the legal relationship between a parent and his/her child, such as the right of the parent to make decisions for the child, and parent’s duty to care for the child. The child custody case can be one of the most controversial topics of family law dispute.
The family is one of the most common and oldest human social institutions. It is believed to originate from the child’s need for care and the mother’s ability to nurse. Family law evolved as a means to maintain order in society. Family law is a general term traditionally addressing marriage, divorce, domestic disputes, and paternity. Though the 1st Amendment has been interpreted as significantly limiting the extent to which the state can interfere with parents over how they raise their children, unless health and safety of children are jeopardized. (Family Law; Mikula & Mabunda)
Most child custody disputes begin with divorce. Parents look at divorce as a way out, hoping for relief from a loveless or abusive relationship. As these parents make the choices to divorce they don’t think about the other problems that the divorce can cause not only to them, but to the children as well. These effects have become a major issue of concern in recent years. When people think of divorce, they think of the changes made to their legal status and last name; along with this change, division of property, support of children, and child custody concerns come about. The issue of divorce raised the topic of child custody in the United States tremendously.
In the 19th century mothers traditionally gained legal custody no matter the situation. Two doctrines came about concerning child custody, “best interest of the child” do...

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...communication with each other for period? Along with that comes the custody issues, making the child custody case the most controversial topics of family law disputes.

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