Child Abuse and Neglect

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Children all over the United States and California, especially in Orange County, have a sad high rate of child abuse. At this very second a child is being reported of abuse. People don’t realize that this can be happening at a family’s home, neighboring house, or even in the next room. Child abuse is happening everywhere and anywhere at this very moment and we need to realize every aspect of effect and morality it has to child that either do or don’t survive these abusive lifestyles.
In the website at there was so many shocking facts, and helpful programs providing to prevent child abuse in families that would like to stop these mishaps. There are programs for infant, toddler, visitations, basic needs. etc. Each is provided by a system of check-ups to help prevent abuse from arising within all families. For mental health there are two programs provided: In-Home Health Services there was “24 families with 115 therapeutic sessions with 147 service hours” and In-Home Crisis Stabilization has “served 235 families with 9,535 service hours”. There are many other programs that provide help and all have high amounts of families being helped of their ‘Mental Health’. Upon this of which the amounts of admitted families are being provided, the rate of child abuse is high. “Every year an estimated 900,000 children in the United States are victims of maltreatment, 18,000 are permanently disabled,” is a fact written within the topic of statistics in “Prevalence of child abuse”. Too many occurrences of abuse happens and all this is under just Orange County.
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... to their children in the United States because of this and soon the child is neglected and abused. Child abuse has actually been increasing in the years , sometimes going down but gradually it increases again. If birth rate increases, so does abuse. Also most abuse comes from teen parents since they are still children themselves. This information is based on analysis from each website researched.

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