Child Abuse and Neglect

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Child Abuse and Neglect
What is the different between child abuse and child neglect? Base on my opinion child abuse is basically when a child is being hit for no reason, verbally abuse and mistreat in a cruelly way. Child neglect on the other hand is when the parent/s or guidance abundant the child and do not provide for them. Child abuse and neglect have a negative impact on children emotionally and psychologically.
Children that are being abuse and neglect have very low esteem, because of the mistreatment they receive from other individual. Some parents abuse and neglect their children, and cause them to have behavioral problem in school, home and even on the street. When children are at school, they are been bully, treat unfairly and also it cause them not to socialize with others. When they are at home parents verbally abuse them, truth name call or the use of indecent words. Also when they are on the street people look at them inappropriately and cause them to be in gangs.
Secondly when children are being raise in an unsafe environment, it allows them not to do well in their school work and receive low grades. Some children who are being raised up in parental substance abuse home cause them to receive mental illness, allow them to use drugs or even have high level of teenage pregnancy. Parents that use drug or drink alcohol spend more money on those substance instead of taking care of their children. Due to the living condition children are being sent on the street to beg for money so that the parent can by drugs o alcohol.
In the Belizean society they are many children who suffered from abuse and neglect. Children that are being neglect and abuse are parents who live below the poverty level. More over not all children wh...

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...eir behavior in the class can sometime be bad and can some time be good. When children act out is because they had remember what happen to them, if they see another child going truth the same situation or the teacher has discuss their problem. Teacher should be confidential with all their student back ground or problem. They should try to assist their student needs regardless of their condition.
In conclusion not all children who are being abuse and neglect go truth the same problem nor can deal with the situation on their own. Child abuse and neglect is neither a disease nor a disability. Child abuse and neglect can be present in many ways that include the family. Parent can take counseling, training and attend program that can show them how to deal with problem.

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