Child Abuse and Neglect

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“If she doesn’t acknowledge what happened then how can you trust that she is going to be different in the future” - Dr. Phil. I believe that means that if your mom abuses you or hurts you any type of away and says nothing of it than you never know if it might happen in the future. But forgiveness goes along way with you life in question. My career pathway is law enforcement. Sooner or later I will have to deal with cases like these. Child abuse cases is something really no law enforcement agent will want to deal with. Child abuse is physical, emotional, or sometimes god forbid sexual. No matter what field of law enforcement you can still run into a child abuse case. Form DEA, CPS, investigators and forensics and so on Child occurs because of a lot of reasons. There is anger issues, to have something to vent and take all your anger out on. Also an unwanted/mistake kid so to show the child they aren't wanted where they are at. To prove dominance, to show you are the ruler of them and their whole life. In law enforcement the steps to take in a possible child abuse case. First you observe the child and his environment. Look for visible injuries how he acts, body languages means a lot and speaks untold words. Then you take a report and gather up all you need to make a case. After you get all you need and it makes a good case you then send it over to CPS Physical abuse is causing any bodily harm that exceeds out side of the jurisdiction of legal punishment. Legal punishment includes grounding, whupping with a belt or hand that goes from the small of the back to the back if the thigh, but it doesn’t include whup with a extension cord or punching. Emotional abuse is purposely hurting a child that doesn’t have physical attacks.... ... middle of paper ...>. Karkola, Kari, Kauppi Marika, Leena Anne, Juhani Merikanto, and Tuija Vanamo. "Fatal child abuse: a study of 13 cases of continuous abuse.." Mental Illness, 1 Oct 2012. Web. 12 Feb 2014. Kriel, Lomi. "One of Houston's worst child-abuse cases tough to unravel.", 13 May 2012. Web. 12 Feb 2014. . Iannelli, M.D., Vincent. "Child Abuse - Child Abuse Cases and Stories.", 07 Apr 2013. Web. 13 Feb 2014. . "Child Abuse." kidshealth. Nemours, n.d. Web. 18 Feb 2014.
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