Child Abuse and Neglect

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Child abuse is the most terrible thing you can do to a kid/child. I personally think individuals who abuse kids either grew up getting abused, have issues within themselves, or they don’t have patients to tolerate kids. So they grow up treating people the way they were treated. We all have been children before and we weren’t perfect, children don’t deserve to be treated in any bad way. Child abuse is physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child. And it mostly happens within that child’s home. Physically you can abuse a child, mentally you can, and emotionally you can scar a child for life which is not fair to them. Physical abusing is fist hitting, weapon beating, kicking, slapping, etc. A sign of this kind of abuse is broken bones, burn marks on a child and could lead to some serious injuries. Mentally abusing can lead to children being afraid, becoming a failure to everything they put their mind to, it can also lead to children to have trust issues. Now emotionally abusing is the act of belittling, rejecting, isolating, and also scaring a child. It’s a form of brainwashing and it slowly but surely engulfs a child self-confidence until they lose everyone’s trust and can lead to losing their own trust and self-worth. It can be absolutely hidden, so emotional abuse is not always informed or easy to spot from someone that’s an outsider so it’s like an emotional disorder nowadays. Girls are most likely to disclose sexual abuse than boys are to disclose. Any kind of sexual abuse, better yet any kind of abuse can permanently affect the child development of their brain. As they grow older as adults they would have problems. Most kids may not open there mouth an tell that they have been sexually abused because t... ... middle of paper ... ... LL, Mercy JA, et al ed. World Report on Violence and Health, Geneva: World Health Organization; 2002. 3. Ten Bensel RW, Radbill S: The history of child abuse. In: Helfer ME, Kempe RS, Krugman RD, ed. The Battered Child, Chicago: University of Chicago Press; 1997. 4. Bendixen M, Muus KM, Schei B: The impact of child sexual abuse—a study of a random sample of Norwegian students. Child Abuse Negl 1994; 18:837-847. 5. Adinkrah M: Maternal infanticides in Fiji. Child Abuse Negl 2000; 24:1543-1555. 6. Choquet M, Darves-Bornoz JM, Ledoux S, et al: Self-reported health and behavioral problems among adolescent victims of rape in France: results of a cross-sectional survey. Child Abuse Negl 1997; 21:823-832. 7. Ketsela T, Kebede D: Physical punishment of elementary school children in urban and rural communities in Ethiopia. Ethiop Med J 1997; 35:23-33.

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