Child Abuse Or Discipline

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Child Abuse or Discipline

When I was a child, I used to think that people made a big deal over nothing and child abuse was not a serious issue. I was wrong now I believe that not enough people are aware of the amount of people that are harmed by child abuse. You would think that after a while children would tell someone that they are being abused. Since only the child knows exactly what happened, the type of abuse, and now it is affecting them. If parents would just learn the when it is appropriate to discipline children this would not be as big of a deal. According to “Spanking isn’t parenting; it’s child abuse,” written by Mel Robbins some people tend to believe that there is not a problem with hitting children. In the article Robbins
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Maltreatment of a child can come in many different forms. Personally I think that physical child abuse is the worse because some children get hit for unnecessary reasons. Majority of children being abused would not tell since they are scared of their abuser. Children are more likely scared of their abuser when the abuser randomly decides to spank them just to relieve some stress that the child is causing at that moment. Signs of physical abuse in children could be bruises on covered body parts, hand print bruises, burn marks, fractures, and history of consistent…show more content…
If the child notices that you are frustrated they may not get the same discipline effect that they would have had if their parents would have been more reasonable. Physical child abuse can affect people differently and cause more problems than just physical bruises. Physically abusing a child can also hurt them emotionally. Abuse can cause many problems such as anxiety, depression, academic problems, flashbacks, and difficulty sleeping. I stated before some of the effects of physical child abuse but there are more such as bruises, swelling, abrasions, torn clothes, and difficulty in simple body movements. Nobody really knows what the children feel because majority of children are scared to speak up and let someone know that they are being abused. Even if a parent stops abusing the child at a young age the child is likely to remember what happened to them their whole
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