Child Abuse And Neglect Effects Futures

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Levi Wood Cady Windish English II 8 Oct, 2017 Child Abuse and Neglect Effects Futures What accounts for 14% of male prisoners and 36% of incarcerated women (“child abuse statistics ”). What's the Cause for “five children dying per day” (“child abuse statistics”)? Child abuse that's what. Upon studying the different types of abuse one can conclude that abuse and neglect is unethical because of the cost to society and the health impacts on the victims. The cost for child abuse is way too high and normal person should try to do more about it. Some sources say that “the system that we have in place right now is it good and dandy the way it is.”(Annika).A lot of people think it's not okay, “for child abuse it cost the United States of America 104 billion dollars in 2008” (“child abuse statistics ”). We should try to change, it cost so much money. Where does this money come from? It comes from the average American paying their federal taxes, and if we look and tried to help it could help make your taxes go down. Other big deficits to society are “Kids who are abused are normally lacking on Social Development and miss out on life opportunities” (“Child Abuse Prevention”) This comes at a tremendous cost for society when people are lacking on Social Development. Which makes it hard for them to get jobs which in turn makes them lean on the government for financial help. This makes them miss out on many life opportunities. Another issue is that 37% of kids who are abused once they grow up and have their own kids abuse their own children which starts the whole cycle over. That is why it cost so much money to investigate 6.6 million kids annually. Around 700,000 kids are abused yearly in the United States that's pretty high against the ... ... middle of paper ... ...erican epidemic. Julian, 1990. “Child Abuse and Neglect.” Child Abuse and Neglect: How to Spot the Signs and Make a Difference, “Child Abuse Prevention.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 17 Apr. 2017, “Child Abuse Statistics.” American SPCC, “Child Abuse Statistics.” Childhelp, Juveland, Annika personal interview. 30 Sept. 2017 “National Statistics on Child Abuse.” National Statistics on Child Abuse | National Children's Alliance, Juveland, Annika personal interview. 30 Sept. 2017 Wood, Nick personal interview. 30 Sept. 2017

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