Child Abuse And Its Effects On Mental And Physical Health

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Introduction Statement of the Problem The topic I chose to research was all forms of child abuse. The four main types of child abuse is sexual, physical, emotional, and neglect. Child abuse is a big problem in the United States. Many kids are being abuse in our own neighborhood and homes, and must times goes unnoticed. These kids are suffering from the abuse and are not getting helped. They continue to stay in these dysfunctional and abusive homes that in the long run has effects on their mental and physical health. Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is bring light to child abuse and serious of a issue it is. The purpose is to try to fix the issue and learn ways to prevent it. The purpose is to learn about and study about the signs of abused children and how to spot them early. It is also gain as much knowledge about the subject so we can take better precautions. We can also look into developing more classes to help kids that have been abused. Research Questions In this research proposal I plan to answer a couple questions. The questions are, what is child abuse? Who are the perpetrators? How to prevent child abuse from happening? What makes a child likely to be abused? Why do people abuse children sexually? Why do people abuse children emotionally? Why do people abuse children physically? Why do people neglect their children? I expect to find many outrageous statistics about child abuse. I expect to find that it is a lot highest than what most people think. Justification of the Study My study should be completed because it is very important to try to reduce child abuse. This can be beneficial in the criminal justice system because if officials have a better understanding of child abuse, they can prevent it. Th... ... middle of paper ... ... you feel uncomfortable? Have you been abused? Do people you love bully you and make you feel unwanted? Are you being taken care of? Do you think your family loves you? Analysis Yes, I plan to explain how the new program will benefit the kids who are abused, and get them the help that is needed. I plan to start a mentoring club to mentor the kids so they can have someone to look up to. This mentor can encourage and instill confidence back in the kids that the parents or guidance may have took out. This research will provide answered questions to the problems we are facing with child abuse. This research will open doors to develop new programs to assist kids and build their confidence. This programs can also help the parents cope with their issues and learn how to be better parents. This will overall cut down on the abuse that the kids are experiencing in the homes.

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