Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

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Four or more children lose their lives every day from some form of abuse or neglect just in the United States. Out of all of these children, over 70% are the age of three or younger. When it comes to the term “child abuse” many people do not understand exactly this term entails. Many individuals associate “child abuse” with the term “physical abuse,” however child abuse can be much more than just physical. Specifically, child abuse is defined as when the guardian of a child neglects to bestow suitable care, consciously exposes abuse, or abuses a child while telling them what or what not to do. When it comes to child abuse there are four different sub-categories that are as follows: physical, sexual, emotional and child neglect (THIS PARAGRAPH YOU DID, NEEDS REFERENCE). As mentioned above, child abuse includes sexual trauma, neglect, physical, and emotional trauma to a child. Parents or legal guardians that decline basic needs to their child are guilty of neglect. For example, denying them of nurturing, food, clothing, or for that matter any other basic need a child requires is indeed blameworthy of child neglect and child abuse. Likewise, child neglect and child abuse develop together, however individually both establish child injustice. Above all, it is difficult to understand why any parent or guardian would abuse or neglect their child or children, but it could be out of unrealistic expectations, frustration, or the child 's actions. Sometimes a parent or guardian has been raised in an abusive home themselves and unfortunately that is the way they have learned to parent (Hess, K. M., Orthmann, C. H., Cho, S. L., 2013). Unfortunately, violence is a learned action by children that is usually self-perpetuating. When children fo... ... middle of paper ... ...four children lose their lives daily due to child abuse and child neglect because a parent or legal guardian fails to take action that protect their child. Child abuse or neglect is when a parent or guardian doesn 't give the proper care that a child needs. In addition, it 's hard to completely know why a parent or guardian would abuse or neglect their child, but it 's important to remember that protectors of a child are not the only people that can abuse a child. However, when a parent or guardian does neglect or abuse their child it could be because they were raised in an abusive home themselves and they have sadly learned these parenting choices. Above all, it is important to remember that once a parent or guardian knows that their child is being abused or neglected that there is treatment and hot-lines specifically for situations pertaining to these circumstances.
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