Chicken Swot Analysis Essay

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SWOT Analysis
• Good quality of chicken from QPLC o REB chicken dealer is getting supplies from QPLC wherein the said supplier is giving them the best quality of chickens that can make the customers satisfied.
• Supplier is an NMIS Awardee o Since the QPLC is giving the best quality of chickens, they are already an NMIS Awardee that is why there is no reason to tirade the quality of the chicken because it is very safe and had been inspected.
• BIR Approved o Every business needs to be approved by the BIR because it is needed when issuing a receipt. Even though REB Chicken Dealer is tax exempted the BIR is still needed because they are issuing a receipt to their customer.

• Able to compete with the leading company in the chicken
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• Well-managed distribution o REB chicken dealer is able to manage the distribution of the orders that leads them to having loyal customers because they are satisfied with service.
• Proper inventory management o This addresses to having an excellent way of managing the numbers of chickens that was supplied by the QPLC that causes a good relationship with the suppliers and their customers.
• Tax exempted o In the chicken industry which REB chicken dealer is included, they are part of the agricultural business who do not pay taxes.
• Loyal customers o REB chicken dealer is strict in terms of the loyalty of the customers because they are the ones who are giving the profit in the business that is why REB chicken dealer is really doing their best to have delighted customers.
• More affordable than the other competitors o Since REB chicken dealer is really into having delighted customers, they are not giving high mark up with the customers because they want to have loyal customers.
• Sells only one product line o Selling whole chicken could limit the customers that the REB Chicken Dealer could supply in the market.

• Limited supply
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