Chicken Run media essay

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Chicken Run media essay Wallace and Gromit eat your heart out there’s a new chick in town! Chicken Run, directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park is a sensational clay animation. A new piece of cinematic excellence to be added the title ‘a classic’, with its side-splitting humour, astounding action and stunning stop motion Chicken Run is a film well worth watching. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Enough about how good the film is; what is it about? Chicken Run is an all round great film for all the family. Ever wondered what chickens dream about? More chicken feed? A bigger coop? Not in the case of head chicken Ginger; all she wishes for is freedom for all the chickens at Tweedy’s farm! On her countless attempts to escape she has been caught by Mr. Tweedy on every occasion. Suddenly, out of no where, appears a radical rooster (Rocky) who claims he can fly! Ginger is convinced her prayers have been answered and Rocky is the key to their freedom. Meanwhile Mrs. Tweedy has a monstrous money making plot to make her chickens into pies! The chickens are in a race against time to get themselves out of this foul situation! I am going to enlighten you into how the film makers use Mise-en-scene, language and character interaction to create Good and Evil amongst the characters. For all you newcomers to the film industry this means through the use of: Lighting, sets/props, expression, body language, costume and sound. I personally believe that the opening sequence is the most effective scene of the film; it quickly puts us into the main plot of the film in a humorous way. Also on a ‘first glimpse’ of some of the characters we are i... ... middle of paper ... ...t colours. The response Ginger receives from other characters is friendly to indicate she is an amiable character. In chicken run the basis of good and evil is used together with presentational devices, language and response from characters. The creation of good and evil is used to end with a fairy tale ending so that good overcomes evil. The film makers have not only been successful to create the settings and characters from scratch, which is an achievement in itself, but have also incredibly managed to create themes along side this which you will really appreciate. Anything you like whether its action, comedy or even romance, I’m sure inter wound amongst this film’s superb plot there is the theme that suits you! So trust me catch a taster of these egg-cellent characters before Mrs. Tweedy gets there first!
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