Chicken Meat Case Study

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Chicken meat is an important food for human as it is most concentrated and easily assaimilable nitrogenous food. It is considered good source of protein, due to its rich essential amino acids content for human life and growth. Healthy meat has been reported to contain few or may be no micro-organisms (Thornon and Gracey, 1981). Fungi comprise a large group of microorganisms which are ubiquitous in nature due to easy dissemination and their vegetative spores, which are produced in large numbers and can present in the environment for long period. They can contaminate meat and meat products due to lack of hygienic measures also during handling procedures and processing of meat products through the use of contaminated additive and spices which…show more content…
flavus and were 20.0, 13.0 and 16.7% for A.niger. Penicillium corylophilum was 6.7, 11.6 and11.1% for chicken meat slice, chicken luncheon and chicken minced meat products, respectively. Cladosporium species were 20.0, 4.4, 11.1% and Geotrichum candidum were 0, 29.0 and10.0% for chicken meat slice, chicken luncheon and chicken minced meat products, respectively. Nearly similar results were recorded by Edris et al. (1992), Zayed (1999), Gad (2004), Shawish (2011) and Samaha (2013). Luncheon is exposed to heat treatment during its processing and any microbial activities may be recorded as a result of post processing contamination, unhygienic storage and long storage life which may lead to spoilage. The comminution of poultry meat greatly increases the surface area and distribution of the microorganisms throughout the creating microenvironment (Saad et al., 1989). While, whole poultry carcasses have a lower microbial count than cut up poultry (Jay, 1978). Some members of the isolated molds were reported in cases of pulmonary and urinary tract infection, arthritis, osteomyelitis, dermatitis, endocarditis, meningitis, and eye infection (Mossel, 1982). Table (4): Frequency percentages of the isolated yeast genera in the examined chicken processed product
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