Chicago Violence

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The violence in Chicago has severely damaged the reputation of this world class metropolis. Many negative reports have surfaced over the last few years because of the violence that has claimed the lives and injured so many people, including children as young as six months old. Violent crime rates have increased tremendously over the past decade. Chicago has been nicknamed the murder capital of the United States. Violence in this beautiful city has taken a toll on too many people. Chicago violence transforms the individual and social identity of teenagers by creating emotional, physical, and financial tribulations.
The emotional tribulations of Chicago violence are grieving over the loss of your child due to gun violence. Many families have lost loved ones due to gang violence. In January 2013, a girl named Hadiya Pendleton was shot. She was shot because the shooters thought she and her friends were from a rival gang. Some people move out because they can’t live in the a house with some many memories. Violence also kills friendships because they cause some people to become enemies once they killed a family member or a friend. Violence also causes stress and depression because their loved one is no longer around. Losing someone that is so close and dear to the family can scar them for life.
“The photo the mother wishes the world to see is of her daughter in a cap and gown, taken when she graduated from the Charter Perspective/IT Math & Science Academy.“I just want everyone to know she’s just not what they’ve seen on social media,” Brown says. “She was a young girl that had dreams of being something and getting herself and family away from this life”( mother only wants the world to see all the good that her dau...

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