Cherry Lady Case Study

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The company was started by Alicia Gans. Alicia with six years of experience started The Cherry Lady LLC. The Cherry Lady (TLC) was started in October 2004 to commercially produce her distinctive chocolate. TLC had been a cottage operation, specializing in producing premium quality, hand-made chocolate confections. TLC has grown exponentially over the years. They would be requiring over 100 pounds, until recently receiving 5,000 and 10,000 pound orders. This company became a preferred vendor of Epicurean Selections. With the help of Epicurean Selection, Alicia’s business was able to drastically grow and become one of the most successful chocolate companies in the industry. The chocolate industry was valued at $74.1 billion in 2006. At one…show more content…
This is very important because she had to maintain this level of customer relations. Alicia is well educated and she knew that in order for her product to be successful in the market she had to explain the history of the candy, describe the unique flavor profile, and instructions on how to market the product in retailers’ stores. These are key elements in producing a successful product that will remain in the market. Her efforts in marketing her product was successful because she had properly planned before she put her product out on the…show more content…
With her knowing how to market a product, she competitively priced her merchandise that led to the success of expanding her business. Alicia promoted and advertised her product well enough that consumers were thoroughly advised of its components without needing additional information from sales personnel. Alicia manufactured her tart cherry caramels by hand. She purchased all the raw materials that were used to make the product as cheap as possible. Although September-December was TCL’s seasonal peak, Alicia was not concerned about seasonal sale peaks around certain holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween. She wanted her product to do well I sales year

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