Chemistry and Effects of Acid Rain

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CHEMISTRY AND EFFECTS OF ACID RAIN Living in a clear atmosphere has become a very important issue ever since the start of Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. Transmition from hand manufacturing to machines and the use of coal as a fuel was no doubt more efficient but had serious consequences. The biggest negative consequence is the release of greenhouse gases and its effects on the atmosphere. Perhaps the most recognised problem that revolves around this issue is global warming. However, acid rain is another big threat to the environment and human health. Acid rain occurs when the pH level of water in the atmosphere is less then 5.7. Increase in CO2 levels means more acidity and lower pH in the atmosphere. However, CO2 is a weak acid and cannot cause acid rains by itself. Two of the biggest contributers to acid rain are sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2). Acid rain occurs when SO2 and NO2 are emitted in the atmosphere and react with oxygen, hydroxide and water to form ac...

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