Chemicals In The Environment

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Chemicals In The Environment

In today’s society chemicals, whether you like it or not are a fact of life. Many people are afraid of chemicals and their effects on them and the environment. This is understandable because the truth of the matter is that chemicals can do some horrible things to humans, animals and the whole ecosystem. Some would say that chemicals should be done away with for these reasons. But this certainly is not true and most likely impossible. Chemicals can also have some very positive effects on our lives. Some uneducated people would argue that there should not be restrictions on chemicals. This is just as crazy as saying that chemicals should be done away with. If chemicals are regulated and people abide by those regulations set in place then we should be able to benefit from their use while at the same time minimizing their negative effects.

The negative effects of chemicals in the environment is a long list. When living things and ecosystems are exposed to some chemicals in certain doses bad things can and will happen. However these same chemicals can have beneficial uses. An article off the lineone. net website tells some effects:

Breast Cancer has been estimated to have increased in incidence by one percent per year since the 1940’s in the United States, and has increased by 50 percent in Denmark between 1945 and 1980. It has also increased in incidence in the United Kingdom over the last few decades. Research has suggested a link between breast cancer and exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals such as DDT, dioxin and PCB’s (2).

In another article on this site it tells the uses of the hormone disrupting chemicals. DDT which has been banned is an insecticide that was used for...

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... disposal, They also regulate the handling, control and use of pesticides. They set and monitor residue levels in humans, food, and wildlife (Encarta 1).

I realize that chemicals can be dangerous. However I feel they are something that should be respected not feared. In the United States we have the EPA which is doing a good job at making out country a safer place. Because of the agency I do not worry about the food I eat or the

water I drink. I am not saying that everything is as good as it could be and that everything is safe, but I believe the United States is far ahead

of other countries in terms of safety. I also know that there is more that can be done and believe that it will get better. If we continue to make safer chemicals, keep using lower doses then I believe the benefits of chemicals will by far outweigh any negative points they may have.
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