Chemical Warfare

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Millions have died. Billions are afraid that they may be next. War is the last thing that anyone needs and chemical warfare is todays age. Countries have developed thousands of different chemical weapons, such as adamsite, a sickening agent, tear gas, and malodorants, things that smell so bad that can literally knock you unconscious. There are many downsides to chemical warfare, and even though chemical warfare may have helpful attributes, it will bring the downfall of the human race. This will happen by sickness, terrorism, rebellion, total destruction, and inevitably death. Many believe the same that I do, that if chemical warfare breaks out the whole world could be destroyed. With the use of chemical weapons will come new diseases and sicknesses that the world will not have an antidote or cure. “Not all chemical weapons kill, many of them cause sickness and pain to immobilize the victims.” According to ThinkQuest, in some cases there is bacteria in chemical weapons to create a reaction. These bacteria could spread and would cause more harm than good. Some of these new viruses will not have cures and could cause genetic mutations, which then would be passed on to offspring spreading it even farther. It is not just war that will be affected by chemical weapons, but terrorism to. If these chemical weapons get out terrorist strikes will not just become more frequent, but more deadly too. There have been many cases in which this could have happened. If chemical warfare broke out, terrorists would have more and steadier access to these weapons of mass destruction. Look at the Boston Marathon Bombing from just this past year (2013), if these people got their hands on chemical bombs, then not just a few people would have los... ... middle of paper ... ... would we want create an epidemic just to have to fix it? Chemical warfare is a killer waiting to strike. War takes time, and with chemical warfare that time should. in thought, be quicker. Yes, its true that wars may be quicker with these weapons, but it also will kill millions, possibly billions more. Is it worth to lose billions of lives just to end a war quicker? Not at all! We must remember that these lives are not all military. In World War 2 the civilian to combatant death ratio was 3:2 and in Vietnam it was 2:1. These civilians are just like us. These men, women, and children don;t want to be in war, and yet they would die just because someone decided to use chemical weapons to end this war. Is it justified to kill these people just because we don’t want to lose? That is not the way to think. Chemical warfare is something that nobody should ever experience.
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