Chemical Industry Of Singapore: Chemical Engineering In Singapore

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Chemical Engineering in Singapore
When one is talking about Singapore, “world’s financial center”, “best tourist destination” and “cleanest city” are always mentioned compared with “global chemical center”. In fact, as one of the world’s leading energy and chemical engineering centres, Singapore has contributed to the industry a lot, both in terms of output and research. The heart to chemical industry of Singapore is Jurong Island. The following literature review section is going to elaborate the chemical industry in Jurong Island.
Literature review
Today, Jurong Island is home to many companies such as ExxonMobil, Mitsui Chemicals, Chevron Oronite, Shell, Singapore Petroleum Company Singapore Refinery Company, Petrochemical
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The country's manufacturing output in 2014 was S $ 306.6 billion, 299.6 billion Singapore dollars in 2013 manufacturing output. "2005-2014 between Singapore energy and chemical industry output value CAGR of 4.1%, the industry output value from the S $ 68.2 billion in 2005 to $ 102.2 billion Singapore dollars in 2014," Singapore EDB energy and chemicals director Damian Chan expressed. EDB in the fourth quarter of 2015, released by Singapore's manufacturing performance report said, compared with 2014, in 2015 the overall chemical energy output increased 3.9%, specialty chemicals grew 7.1%, petrochemical products increased by 0.4%. (Retrieved from…show more content…
The idea of building Jurong Island was put forward by the government in 1980s. In that time, due to lack of natural resources, high unemployment and lagging industry, government decided to realize industrialization. After thinking twice, the government decided to build a regional chemical centre with the petrochemical sector aiming to reduce the economy’s dependence on electronics manufacturing.
Jurong Island is located in the southwest of Singapore, formed from 7 islands by reclamation. In the 1980s, government chose here to develop chemical industry based on following consideration. First, Jurong Island has excellent geographical conditions. There are harbors with 12-meter-deep water and it is near the railways and highways between Singapore and Malaysia, which lead to the convenient transportation. Besides, the largest river in the southwest of Singapore—Jurong river goes through Jurong Island, which can provide abundant industrial water. Second, because it is newly reclaimed island, the land is owned by government. Therefore, there is no concern about the residents transferring. Finally, in the early 1990s, the world’s major chemical companies invested millions of dollars into Jurong Island to strongly develop chemical

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