Chemical Industry Case Study

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Chemical industry has existed for over 200 years, and has come a long way from processing of natural raw materials in early nineteenth century to current stage where industry players are transforming themselves to “Science Based” companies. Table 1 depicts the evolution of the industry since 1850s-an era to “Chemicalize”- when synthetic chemicals were discovered and started replacing natural compounds.
Before 1850, the era was of processing of natural raw materials into consumer goods. Later half of 19th century appeared as clear game changer for the chemical industry with application of chemical principles in the industry and replacement of natural chemicals by synthetic. Opportunities were enormous due to huge possibilities of number of different
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Industry was grappling with chronic overcapacity due to flood of new entrants.Realization in the 21st century is that research alone will not provide much needed competitive edge. Industry is moving to acquire new organizational capabilities which integrate chemistry with other disciplines of science and engineering to move further downstream to end user companies. The move is towards combination of seeds, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, composites for automobile parts, improved grains, food additives and supplements, specialized packaging materials, materials for construction industry, enzymes and…show more content…
Be it in applying the concepts of lean new product introduction from discrete industries to a chemical manufacturer, or leveraging the aerospace industry experience in service management for the automotive sector, our dedicated Manufacturing Centers of Excellence (CoEs) under these focus vertical industries are continuously looking at breakthrough solutions. Clients can benefit from our rich experience in both the discrete (automotive, industrial machinery and equipment, aerospace) and chemical industries (chemicals, cement, glass and
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