Chef Sipho Monologue

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- Hey, you can 't be here. - Says who? Guess who I found trying to steal? Where 's Pretty 's calculator? You thief! Chef Sipho, how many times have I told you... to always have your set of knives with you? Apologies, Chef. I 'll have to fail you. I said things I shouldn 't have said about you. I 'm sorry, Mr Kgomo. It 's clear that the two of you can 't work together. I have to let one of you go. Wow, Sister! Since when do you drink coffee? - Black coffee, at that? - Brother, I need it. I don 't know what 's waiting for me at work. That 's if I still have a job. So you actually think that... Mr Kgomo will fire you and Mma Kunutu? - Brother, he 'd never joke about that. - No, Sister. Don 't worry. They say... 'Last in,…show more content…
Oh! Now, Chef Candice... this is what I 'm talking about. This, and the plating technique is inviting. This is what food is supposed to look like! And this spice, Chef Candice, what is it? I added some herbs from the recipe to the stuffing. But not too much. Just for the zest. I admire your brave choices. That was courageous of you, but it worked. Well done, Chef Candice. - Good afternoon. - Principal... I was just thinking of coming to see you and ask you to help Leshole, please. - Protect him from MaNtuli 's daughter. - Mr Mabitsela... I 've already had a word with Pretty, and the matter has been put to rest. - Oh, that 's great news, Principal. - Yes. So... did Leshole tell you that he threw a desk in rage and almost hurt another learner? No. He hasn 't told me about that. But I think he was just defending himself from those children. I hear you. But I think the apple doesn 't fall far from the tree. - He learned that in this house. - Hey! What? You don 't know what goes on in here. Get out! Get out! I know you abuse that boy physically. - He told me about the beatings! - He did what? You heard me. A few weeks ago... he had welts on his…show more content…
I 'm getting stronger. So I should be able to walk soon. That 's big news, babe. What? Have you... Have you been going to Hatfield? No. But I was hoping to go see the baby next week. Well, okay. You know, I 'm glad... that you and I can talk about this... honestly. So tell me, Sister... Did Mr Kgomo agree to give you a second chance? He had no choice. We went to his office... and told him that we 've fixed our issues. We asked him to forgive us and not fire us. Do you know what he said? He said 'okay. ' Now that 's the best news I 've heard all week. Yes. Now that there 's peace at work... I can focus... on Lelo Mthiyane 's release. I hear you, but you do know that this will be a very long process, right? You should just focus on doing your job well. I can 't pretend that Lelo isn 't returning to Zamo 's university. My son 's life is in danger, Brother! Sister, I can 't just look on... and not stop you from focusing on things that will distract you from doing your job well. I won 't let that girl get released! No! Never! Hello, Papa. - Have I mistreated you lately? - You 've been good to me, Papa. Sit down. Haven 't I been helping you with your schoolwork? You have. What 's

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