Cheating Is The Most Beautiful Feeling

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People say cheating has so many forms, but the worst one would be cheating in a relationship. A cheater is someone who cheats on his partner; someone who systematically betrays his partner either on a physical or emotional level. About a week ago I thought cheating was okay,but now I realize the harm it could cause to their significant other. True love doesn’t hurt, true love protects, and cares. Cheating can cause someone to have a mental break down, and leads to a complete loss of respect. When it comes to relationships, remaining faithful is never an option; loyalty is everything. I used to think that cheating could improve relationships and make things better, but in reality it only creates more conflicts such as trust issues. You won’t know who to trust. Being in a relationship is about staying committed to that individual, not going around behind each other’s backs seeing other people. Being loved and in love is the most beautiful feeling, so why destroy a beautiful relationship for a shallow moment? Love comes at the most unexpected time and sometimes we take love f...
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