Cheating In Relationships

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Cheating on your spouse can cause a lot of problems that can be resisted. One way is to talk with your partner and have an understanding. Another way is to just be faithful. What is so wrong with doing the person you really “love” right? If you do not really love them break up with them. Also cheating on your partner may cause you to contract an STD. The reason people say that is because you never know what the person you’re having sex with is doing behind your back. They can trick you any minute. STD’s is something you do not want to play with either. Once you contract it, it ain't no looking back. Cheating is the same as lying and flirting, there are plenty of ways that people can cheat even when some think they are not cheating.Talking…show more content…
Someone you trusted, someone you put time and effort into. Did you know that 72% of married men cheat? Yes, 72%!!!! I’m not saying women do not cheat all people saying is the reason why most married couples or relationships ends is that on men. Approximately 9% of men and 14% of women said they had sex with someone else as just to get back at the partner. Being faithful is the number one key to a marriage or relationship. Being faithful in a relationship means staying committed through the good and bad times. No matter how hard it gets you got to remember why you got in the relationship/marriage in the first place. Being faithful also means putting an end to any flirting that becomes too intense. It means telling the girl or boy hitting on you at the bar that you’re in a relationship and mean it. Being faithful to make your relationship a whole lot better, although it is not the only thing that keeps a relationship going. There are plenty of ways to why you should be faithful. Being faithful boosts the quality of your sex life. When your spouse knows you are faithful, your spouse will give you great sex, no one feels safe sexing someone who has been with another female or male.Being faithful has a positive effect on your character. That way, you are able to live out your greatness with confidence. Integrity is important, and it starts with how you live your private life, it gives moral authority. Mess up your private life and everything else will fall apart and neither one of y’ all wants that. Being faithful makes your lover trust you, and with trust, he/she surrenders and gives all to you, you get to know your lover deeply. Without trust, you will never fully receive all the blessings your lover brings and that’s really true. It is very rare to find someone to be faithful. advise everyone who has a partner that's faithful, cherish them. It is not too many out

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