Cheating In Relationship Essay

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Cheating in relationships happen to both men and women, and for many varied reasons. The reasons of cheating on someone may however, change based off the person’s gender. To simply state, the reason a man cheats may be different than the reason a woman cheats in a relationship. There have been facts and as well as myths surrounding the topic of infidelity. Also, one person may have a different view on what is cheating, where on the other hand, another person may think cheating is the complete opposite. With this, there is not a full and official definition of cheating in a relationship, so this can make it difficult to actually know what exactly is or what is not cheating. I have been told what is cheating by one person, and later on would have another person say either different or completely the opposite of what that person said. So with this being said, this will show the multiple definitions that people have said about what is cheating in relationships. Cheating is to do a physical, usually sexual action with another person that is not their significant other. To start, this has been the most well known and accepted definition throughout modern society. It is to say that if someone were to involve themselves in doing physical acts with another person, such as kissing hugging, and other sexual actions this is considered by many as cheating. For example, many people at Joliet West and various other high schools have called out their boyfriend/girlfriend for cheating when finding out they have been committing physical actions with another person. It is just common knowledge in our society to know this type of cheating. Yet, with our younger generation, there has been a newer type of cheating that has been developed. 2. To ... ... middle of paper ... ... and your confidence is shattered”. Here Lucas explains that the main feeling people get is that feeling of failure, on both the cheaters and the victims side. Having that feeling that you were not enough to keep the relationship going. With the effects of cheating, the majority of people believe that the main effect people feel is emotional failure. With these different types of definitions gathered, I believe that a solid definition would be: “To cheat is to do a physical or emotional action that you know is wrong to do/have”. What this means is having an emotional or physical attraction to another person that is not apart of your relationship. By gathering the copious amounts of definitions given by many people, this definition best fits the criteria of what truly is cheating in a relationship. To do this would have profound negative effects with relationships.
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