Chassidy's Window

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Everette smiled and I melted like a pat of butter on a hot potato, and honestly, I wouldn't even care if he had known. He had always been very charismatic. Girls flocked to him like moths to a flame. I felt like a candle when he even walked past me, like i was burning into thin air and up into smoke. Yeah, I know it's a cliche, but it really was the way I felt. I wanted nothing more than for him to look my way and treat me like the other girls. If he would've just looked me straight in the eyes and stroked my cheek, God, I probably would've died right there. He wasn't just your average cute jock, he was absotutley perfect. Top to bottom. He was acne free and tan, something our chilly town was mostly unfamilar with. He had brown hair, I bet you thought I would say blonde. Gotcha! That hair though, it was cut short, but not a buzz cut, and every day he'd have the front styled into a little flip. His eyes were blue, blue in an alomst terrifying to look at way. Crystal, if you will. His nose was not too large, too high up his face, or oddly shaped. It was adorable. The lips, the lips were jaw-dropping. They were on the larger end of the scale, but in a good way. They looked like he had been kissed by Sara Queen, our high school's lipstick guru, moist and pouty. He propaply had kissed her a few times. Anyway, I almost forgot the best part. That body... Oh my good lord. His body was amazing, built like a god. He was an atheltic legend, participating in every sport, including swimming, that being the only place you could see him in all his glory. I saw it once. All of it. I was in charge of going to the pool to retreive a net for Mr. Reinfeld, our extremly eccentric "Natural Earth Studies" teacher. I had always been such a teacher's ... ... middle of paper ... ...h parents for years and it's led me to Fred and Becky Knight, your parents. I've been contemplating writing them for quite some time, but when I found out they had a daughter, I figured you may have some information. I know this sounds confusing and I am honestly so sorry for dragging you into this, but if your parents are my parents, then that makes us brother and sister. I've never had a sister and I'd love to get to know you. If you're interested in talking or meeting up, just let me know. I'm sorry again." And that's when the crying started. I didn't even know why. I was so used to being an only child and my parents had never even mentioned having another one. I was stunned. It was around five minutes later when Brandy returned back to our room. She was carrying a to-go box and babbling on her phone. I was oblivious to her, in my own world of confusion and hurt.

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