Chartres Cathedrals: The Most Important Influence Of Gothic Architecture

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From around the 11th to the 13th centuries, the various architecture of the gothic style became prominent in France and spread throughout Europe as a strong influence for the arts (Fitzgerald). The cathedrals were the most important aspect of the gothic art style, for they were the largest structures and stood out the most in any setting. On the outside, cathedrals contained all sorts of sculptures and statues, but the inside of them was even more unique. The gothic cathedrals have stain-glass windows that bring them beauty and much light (Spanswick). The most notable gothic Cathedrals are both present in France: Notre Dame, also known as the Chartres Cathedral, and the Saint-Chapelle’s Cathedral. These two structures were the most important pieces of gothic architecture in all of France. Gothic art style was a big change from any older version of architecture, but it proved to be very important during this time period. Inside and out, gothic cathedrals had very unique structural designs. On the outside, there were many statues and sculptures that cover the walls all around them. One of the most notable aspects of outside design are the gargoyle statues that sit high on the cathedral (Fiero, 129). This shows just how much attention was paid to the smallest details on the cathedrals. What makes the gargoyles even more amazing is the fact that they were built so high up, and still received a lot of aesthetic attention. The sculptures surrounding the front doors are very intricate as well. Each of them show multiple people, each representing some type of holy item or cultural aspect (Fiero, 131). Just like the gargoyles, these sculptures are also made with the utmost detail, showing once again that much time was put into making sure ... ... middle of paper ... ... colorful light (Jones). There are also many windows dedicated to depicting individuals who were performing certain tasks (Fiero, 135). The design of this gothic cathedral was completely original (Jones). The fact that no other country had used this design shows just how much architecture had changed in such a short time. Earning its nickname as the medieval “jewelbox,” this cathedral is truly much more beautiful on the inside compared to that of Notre Dame de Chartres. Gothic style in the past didn’t spread much past Europe. In fact, the only memorable pieces of this aesthetic design were the Saint-Chapelle and the Notre Dame de Chartres. Both were characterized much by tall towers, statues and sculptures covering the exterior, and beautiful stained glass windows covering the insides. These two structures are truly the pinnacle of gothic design in the 13th century.

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