Charter Schools: What Is A Charter School?

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To be completely and utterly honest before today I never even actually heard of a charter school before in my life. In all honesty I have no idea what makes up a charter school or if it is even is any different than just a plain old regular public school. To me I think they are basically the same I would think that they aren’t that many charter schools in the United States to begin with since this is the first time I’ve actually never heard of them. What I assume and image about what a charter school to know about with they are is that they could probably be the same a regular public schools, private school or maybe they could even actually be a lot like home schooling, were the students can learn at home and learn different thing at their own pace. Another thing that I could assume to know about charter schools is that they could also be like boarding school were the students live on campus at the dorms and the parents have to pay tuition. Before I started doing research into what a charter school was I asked someone I know “Have you never heard of a charter school before? And do y...

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