Charlotte Bronte's Life and Accomplishments

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Through her trials and tribulations, Charlotte Bronte has kept her passion for poetry alive and remains as one of the most influential British poets of all times. Even though she is one of the most famous female writers of all times, she is mostly famous for her most popular novel Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte has experienced more tragedy in her life than happiness by losing her mother and all five of her siblings. But, in her moments of tragedy, she expressed her feelings through poetry. As a result, Charlotte’s experience as a poet has not only shown her creativity, but it has proven that you can still be the best through hard times and stress. Charlotte Bronte was born April 21, 1816 in the village of Thornton, West Riding, Yorkshire. She was born to Rev. Patrick Bronte and Maria Branwell. Later, her last three siblings were born. In 1820, after the birth of her last sibling, the Bronte family moved to Haworth. Charlotte’s father was the son of an Irish farmer in Ireland, and Patrick was a school teacher and tutor. Patrick was also appointed as a priest of St. Michael and All Angels Church. Charlotte’s mother was the daughter of a tea merchant and grocer. Charlotte was born into a family of five siblings- Maria (1813), Elizabeth (1815), Patrick Branwell (1817), Emily (1818), and Anne (1820). The following year after moving to Haworth, Mrs. Bronte died from cancer on September 15th. Now being the motherless, eldest child, it forced Charlotte to take on a position of leadership and some form of responsibility. However, as a way to cope with the loss of her mother, Charlotte created her own literary fictional worlds and imaginary kingdoms. In 1826, Mr. Bronte brought ... ... middle of paper ... ...orms the reader that although she does view her sister’s death as a blessing, she is still hurting and believes she will not be able to bounce back from the loss of her sister. Work Cited Bock, Carol A. Charlotte Bronte: The Poetry Foundation. charlotte-bronte> Online Bronte, Charlotte. The Language of Literature. A Writing Family. Evanston, Illinois: A Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006. 867. Literature Book Bronte, Charlotte. The Language of Literature. Decline and Fall. Evanston, Illinois: A Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006. 867. Literature Book Cody, David. Charlotte Bronte: A Brief Biography. 1987 bronte/cbronte/brontbio.html> Online Gerin, Winifred. Charlotte Bronte: The Evolution of Genius. New York: Oxford, 1967. Wallace Library