Charlize Theron And Marlee Matlin Path To Success

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Charlize Theron and Marlee Matlin Path to Success In the world’s history, most noticeable persons have had to overcome their obstacles on the way to success. These obstacles are frequently poverty, death of loved ones, and even disabilities which become the reasons for being well known and considering as a role model to people. As we live in 21 century, mostly criticized topics unsuspectingly are the past of actors and actresses, because they always face difficulties in their lives, due to having to balance their private life with their career. For instance, as well known actresses, Charlize Theron and Marlee Matlin (unique Oscar winning actress with hear impairment) have always been a target for the world media which wants to provide people…show more content…
However, we frequently observe Charlize spending time with her mother nowadays she was alone in the U.S.A to begin her career. After death of her father, Charlize left her mother alone in South Africa and moved to New York for starting her acting career. At very beginning, she could not achieve her dreams, because her mother didn’t believe that Charlize would manage to obtain success. Gerda said that she doesn’t want to see her daughter sulking in front of herself. Therefore, she did not have adequate self-confidence. Different from Charlize, Marlee received big support from her family. Her parents did their best for her to not feel different from other children. They registered her to the program which supports children with disabilities. She had a private teacher and learned signing language and even speaking. In addition, her father was the one who encouraged Marlee to work in theater and go to film castings. Consequently, their behavior made Marlee focus on her capacities not…show more content…
Every human being faces difficulties through his life and overcoming them requires patient and courage. Some people think that without any challenges lives of humans’ would be easier and sometimes best solution is to give up. However, overcoming one’s obstacles is difficult it makes you be stronger and more successful. Lives of Charlize’s and Marlee’s are the proofs for it. As Lou Holtz said, “Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I'll show you someone who has overcome
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