Charlie and the Hat

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In 1868 there was a young man by the name of the Charlie. One day he was walking when he walked by a hat sore and saw a hat in the window. He walk into the store and bought the hat. He walked into his favorite bar. “Hey, Charlie New hat?” the bartender said as Charlie walk through the doors. “Yes sir bullfrog just bought it a while ago.” Charlie responded. Charlie sat down and ordered his drink when Crisco came through the doors . “hey barkeep get me some whiskey and make it fast.” Crisco said. Bullfrog ignored him. “Hey you hear me or are you deaf and dumb.” Crisco said angrily “ I said I wanted a drink so get me my drink, or do I have to serve myself?” Crisco pulled out a gun and pointed it to bull frog Charlie grab his drink and smashed it on Crisco side of the head. “you just made a huge mistake boy” Crisco said grabbing Charlie . Charlie the gun and shot Crisco in the chest. “You ok?” bullfrog ask Charlie. “yeah.” Charlie said. Later Charlie walk out of the bar to see an Indian. “Your long hair makes you look like a woman.” the Indian said. “Yeah and when its short it’s not ...

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