Charles Perrault’s Fairytales

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The Introduction:
Fairytales are stories that have some magical aspects. They usually tell a story about a castle and times when kings ruled the land. I always loved the princesses in these stories. When I was young, I would dress up as them. My friends and I would act out the stories. They usually teach a lesson. I always wanted the princess to escape of find a happy ending. Most fairytales end with “Happily ever after.”
Stories give us a distraction and a fantasy from real life. Stories give us a somewhat perfect picture of life. We try to make our lives reflect the story in some way. Most people even paint others as evil or mean, like the villains in the story. This paper’s purpose is to incorporate fairy tales and their symbolism into our lives.
The Search:
During the process of finding the facts for this research paper, there were many steps. The first step was to take notes on one of the three topics. I chose fairytales because I have always been interested and intrigued by their storylines. Of all of the authors, I picked Charles Perrault because I liked some of the example fairytales given on the first handout. They are classics that I read as a child.
The first day, in the media center, we researched and wrote down 20 facts about our genre and authors. I actually found it interesting learning about the history of fairy tales and their beginnings. However, I was worried about how much time I had left the whole class period. For the next two days, we worked on a chart of five stories we read. This was actually an easy part of the assignment because the task was to read the tale and label or explain the typical elements of a fairytale. The following day was used finding an article that relates to fairy...

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...ading these fairy tales helps create that trait in young children. Reading these fairy tales brings back good memories with my family and friends.

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