Charles Lindbergh Biography

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Charles Lindbergh Biography

My biography is on Charles Augustus Lindbergh. He is most famous for his nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. In the next paragraph I will be telling you about some of the things that he is famous for. His life is more interesting than most people think. If anything I would say that he is the most famous pilot in the world, or at least he should be.

Charles was a pilot, inverter, and an environmentalist. He was born on February forth of nineteen o two in Detroit Michigan. His father was a Minnesota congressman. He studied mechanical engineering for two years at the university of Wisconsin and left in nineteen twenty-two to enroll in flight school. In nineteen twenty-three he bought a war surplus training plane and worked as a barnstormer and as a traveling stunt flier. In nineteen twenty-five he completed army flight training. After flight school he worked as an airmail pilot, only to become the chief pilot for the route between St. Louis to Chicago. In nineteen twenty-nine he married Anne Morrow. The daughter of the United States ambassador to Mexico, Dwight Morrow.

Some of Charles Lindbergh's achievements are the following. His most famous achievement was in nineteen twenty-seven, when he made the worlds first nonstop, solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. One of his other famous achievements was in nineteen twenty-seven when he made an unprecedented nonstop solo flight from Washington D.C. to Mexico City. He is also famous for being a great pilot.

The main reason that I picked Charles Lindbergh to do my biography on is because I was goofing around on the biography web site and I typed in my birthday and apparently Charles Lindbergh has the same birthday as me.

Another reason that I picked Charles Lindbergh is because I like airplanes and since Charles Lindbergh was the most famous pilot of all time, I decided, ah what the heck.